DRUM CLASH at CAPSTONE Theatre Friday 20th October


The CAPSTONE Theatre, 7.30pm, Friday 20th October 2017, Tickets: £11.50

DRUM CLASH is a meeting of Rhythms and Cultures that weave together, clashing and then joining together in an exciting melting pot of the senses. An explosion of visuals and movement presents a colourful journey of discovery that takes us from rhythms of old to an apocalyptic world, where the power of the drum raises above the ashes, and catapults us into a new world.



The event will be starting on Tuesday 12th September and run every Tuesday for 10 weeks from 10.30am – 1.30pm at the Rotunda Community College in Kirkdale. for more information please e Steve on steve@olcproductions.com                                             or contact him on 0151 7090272

An OLC Productions FREE Training Programme for Unemployed Learners.

DO YOU WANT TO RUN A FESTIVAL or OUTDOOR EVENT? ARE YOU 18+? THEN EPIC IS FOR YOU! Gain qualifications needed for your Dream Job! OLC Productions are delivering an innovative training programme for UNEMPLOYED LEARNERS to gain skills in delivering community events & projects and gain personal skills to promote their own work.

THE COURSE WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO: Events Planning, Project Management, Budgeting, Risk Assessment, Marketing, Online Presence, Team Work & Collaborations. YOU WILL BE WORKING WITH EVENT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS

A 10 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAMME (3 hrs per week) WITH AN OPPORTUNITY OF WORKING ON A COMMUNITY EVENT. The course will be running at THE ROTUNDA 107-109 Gt Mersey St Kirkdale Liverpool L5 2PL



The first EPIC training programme finished on the 1st August after a highly successful programme and an exciting event planed and delivered by the team. The event was a Community Celebration called The WINDSOR STREET COMMUNITY FAYRE and took place on Tuesday 25th July with over 350 people attending throughout the day. 

The event included Performances, activities, food, stalls and pony rides. 

The participants of the training programme learnt about event management, project planning, marketing, risk assessment, production, professional development and much more. They will be receiving a level 2 Business qualification from Open Awards.


We have finished stage one of the Urban Growing Project. Plant Beds have been built and growing is happening as we speak.

We will soon have some fun workshops and next week from Tues 8 – Thurs 10 we will be holding arts & craft workshops in partnership with Toxteth TV for children 7-11yrs, who will design murals for the plant beds and will pain them in bright colours and patterns. Looking forward to it!

The Big House Arts & Craft Workshops


OLC Productions will be delivering a training programme in Events Planning & Project Management. The programme is funded through the ESF Community Fund and will start on Tuesday 28th February. for more information please email steve@olcproductions.com or contact us on 0151 709 0272. The course will take place on Tuesdays between 9.45am – 2.45pm at John Archer Hall, L8

EPIC – An OLC Productions Training Programme in Events Planning & Personal Development

TRAINING – Events & Project Planning

OLC PRODUCTIONS will be delivering an innovative training programme aimed at unemployed learners to gain skills to deliver community events and projects and gain personal skills to promote their own work.

  • Have you often wanted to be the person delivering the event you attend?
  • Would you like to plan, produce and deliver a community event?
  • Have you wanted to understand marketing and how to promote your work?
  • Have you wished you could understand website development and social media?
  • Can you commit to 20 weeks training? (one day per week)?

OLC will be working with event management professionals and website designers to deliver this exciting new course from February 2017.

You can find out more information by emailing steve@olcproductions.com or calling us on 0151 709 0272

This programme has been funded by the ESF Community Grants through WEA

OLC Productions secures Elevate Funding from Arts Council England

OLC Productions are happy to announce that we have successfully secured Arts Council England ‘Elevate’ Funding for the next 3 years.

Arts Council England are investing £5.3 million in 40 organisations who are making a significant contribution to the Creative Case for Diversity, but who are not currently receiving National Portfolio funding.

The Elevate grant will enable us to build the capacity of the organisation strengthen our governance, secure two part-time posts, develop the company’s resilience, consolidate existing partnerships and help us to develop new ones. This funding will allow OLC to develop a company that has the ability and resources to help support the Latin American and diversity, arts & culture offer in the North, and throughout England.

OLC would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to all those who have supported us in both good and challenging times, including the Latin American and local communities, partners, artists, volunteers, participants and friends. We will be updating everyone in the coming months about the organisation’s plans.

World Café Open Day

Footprints 2 Open Day SmallAs part of our Liverpool CCG project, FOOTPRINTS 2 we are delivering the World Café Open Day on Sunday 10th July at John Archer Hall, L8 1YR in association with Festival 31 and Toxteth TV.
There will be some workshops, sharing, conversation and lots of wonderful home made food from across the world. Entrance is Free and everyone is welcome.

OLC Productions as LUMA Creations

OLC Productions will soon be known as LUMA Creations – We have decided to change the name as LUMA has a special meaning for the organisation and represents ur vision and aims. LUMA is a special tree i South America and one of the things it’s been known to represent is the Tree of Life and the LUMA tree in the land of the Mapuche (South of South America) bears a special fruit all year round and we believe in creating new ideas and work and collaborations throughout the year.